Shand & Jurs

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Widely respected for its finely engineered, ideally designed products, Shand & Jurs has been manufacturing premium industrial tank equipment for nearly 90 years. During that time, the Shand & Jurs logo has become an internationally recognized symbol for quality and reliability throughout the industrial process industry.

With its unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction, Shand & Jurs is an ideal partner for Arm-Tex, which strives to offer its customers ideal solutions for their most unforgiving challenges. Setting the highest standard for accuracy, precision, safety, and durability, Shand & Jurs offers a broad line of advanced, yet affordable products.

Shand & Jurs product offering:

  • Flame and Detonation Arresters
  • Tank Fittings
  • Gas Blanketing Valves, Specialty Valves
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Conservation Vents

For over 30 years, Arm-Tex has delivered the world's best products. Throughout this period, we've acquired a worldwide reputation for quality service that's made us a valued partner for countless clients working across a wide array of fields and industries. We are proud to be a Shand & Jurs distributor. Contact our team of knowledgeable experts to learn more about Shand & Jurs industrial tank equipment. We're happy to provide answers to all your questions and provide recommendations to help solve your toughest challenges.